Report: More than half of internet users trust ads

A recent study revealed that consumers feel that the ads they see are more honest and trustworthy, especially compared to marketing efforts from three years ago.

Advertising is getting a bump in trustworthiness as other forms of communication, including mainstream news media outlets, are being met with a fare share of enemies and skeptics.

A recent YouGov study asked internet users whether they trust the advertising they see. Roughly 61 percent said that they do trust it, which is a significant increase from three years ago, when only 50 percent said they trust advertising efforts.

Online consumers are also finding that ads are more honest. This year, 72 percent said they felt they were encountering honest ads, while only 56 percent said so in 2014.

The report bucks the trend of declining trust across the board. Recent Gallup polls have found flagging confidence in once-trustworthy institutions like churches, banks, journalists and the U.S. Congress.

Though the report seems to be good news, marketers might want to be wary: Consumers also want increased regulation of advertisements, especially if they involve claims.

YouGov reported:

As people’s overall trust in advertising has grown, so has their interest in more regulation. In 2014, for instance, 58% of US adults agreed that there should be stronger requirements for proving claims in advertising. Currently, this number sits at 64%.

Digital advertising also has catching up to do compared to its legacy counterparts: Only 39 percent of respondents said they trust banner ads on the internet.

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