Report: Social media trends and insights for small businesses

Facebook endures as the dominant venue for online promotion, but Instagram and LinkedIn continue to rise, and women- and millennial-owned companies are flocking to digital platforms.

A social media strategy seems like table stakes for every business owner, but some are still unconvinced—or perhaps unmotivated.

Market research firm Clutch recently surveyed 351 small-business owners and managers to gather insights into social media preferences and promotional tactics. More than 70 percent of respondents reported using social media as part of their marketing strategy, though a surprising 13 percent said they have “no plans to use social media.” Sixteen percent said they plan to use social media but haven’t yet launched a strategy.

Do Small Businesses Use Social Media?

Despite the recent global outcry over user data and privacy concerns, Facebook remains the dominant online network. Eighty-six percent of Clutch’s respondents reported using Facebook for promotional purposes, and 12 percent rely solely on the network for social media communication.

Which Social Media Channels Do Small Businesses Use?

Women-owned businesses are outpacing male-led companies in terms of social media interaction, the survey found. Seventy-four percent of leaders at women-owned businesses reported regularly using social media, compared with 66 percent of male-owned small businesses.

Clutch also found:

  • Facebook is the most-used social media channel among all demographics, followed by Instagram (48 percent), YouTube (46 percent) and Twitter (44 percent).
  • More millennial-owned businesses (79 percent) use social media than do businesses owned by those older than 35 (65 percent).
  • Fifty-two percent of small businesses post to social media at least once per day.
  • Images/infographics (54 percent) are the most popular content types that businesses post to social media.
  • Millennials are also more likely to use Instagram and Snapchat than older generations, but Generation Xers and Baby Boomers are more likely to use LinkedIn.

Read more about Clutch’s findings here.

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