Social media sites you should ditch in 2013

StumbleUpon, Digg, and Empire Avenue—among others—aren’t worth the trouble, this blogger says.

Do you feel like you must be on all social media sites? They can eat up a lot of your time if you are on every one. I’ve joined most of them in the past three years, and have seen many of them change. A few don’t drive the traffic they once did to my websites or blogs. Why spend time on them if they are not productive?

Here is my list of social media sites you should ditch:

1. StumbleUpon

I used to love StumbleUpon. It brought traffic to my websites and blogs, but the bounce rate was always high. It took time to learn, use and be social on it. Then, of course, it made some changes and drove less traffic to my sites. I use it weekly now, and will probably use it much less in 2013.

2. Digg

Digg is another site I used to visit faithfully, but I didn’t like when it connected with Facebook. I like to use each social media site for different reasons and audiences. I don’t want to share with my Facebook friends what I would share on Digg.

3. NewsMeBack

NewsMeBack is another site I liked in the beginning, but many users on the site were not related to my niches. I haven’t been on in months.

4. Gentlemint

I never got into Gentlemint—a social bookmarking site similar to Pinterest—since I was already on Pinterest, and we all know how much Pinterest has grown and draws traffic.

5. Empire Avenue

I know many people love this stock market simulation social media site. I like Monopoly too, but it did not drive traffic and seemed like more of a social media site for your ego. Maybe I’m wrong. Please tell me if I am.

Isn’t time of the essence when it comes to your blogs and websites? You can only be in so many places in a 24-hour period. Where do you draw the line? You must create quality content, share it, and form relationships. If you are on 10 or more social media sites, you can’t do it all.

I also believe you cannot be on just one social media site, either. You can’t put all your social media eggs in one basket.

You must also be ready to ditch one site for another if a privacy policy changes. Consider the recent changes on Instagram or the always-changing Facebook (Facebook is changing its “pages” policies on Jan. 13, 2013). You must have other social media sites with established relationships that you can quickly move to.

Of course, building an email list is another must.

Where will you be in 2013? You’ll still find me on Twitter, Triberr, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest,, and BlogEngage, and I’d love to check out Reddit.

What other social media sites would you add to this list? Which would you tell me to reconsider?

Lisa Buben blogs at, where a version of this article originally appeared.

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