SocMed inundation: 18 signs we’ve gone techno-bonkers

All right. It’s time to nip this social media takeover of our entire culture in the bud while there’s still time. Oh, wait. I’ve got to text three people this important message about tonight’s party. . .

1. Your baby is born in the hospital and the nurse asks, “What’s the baby’s handle?”

2. The sign on the restaurant door says: “No shirt, no shoes, no gadgets, no service.”

3. The new name for Hide and Seek is “Foursquare.”

4. The phrase “He’s all thumbs” is considered a huge compliment for a fast texter.

5. Every house with kids proudly displays their avatars—not their school pictures—on the mantel.

6. No one talks anymore. We IM.

7. When someone says “Smile for the picture,” you immediately think 🙂

8. Your 6-year-old adoringly pleads at bedtime, “Please tell me that story again about ‘The Three Wise Men: Chris Brogan, Tom Peters, and Seth Godin.’ ”

9. Gadgets like the iPad have gone the way of eight-track tapes.

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