‘St. Patty’s Day?’ Never! Irish agency corrects it to ‘St. Paddy’s’

Google extension spares Irish patriots the irritation of seeing others get the saint’s name wrong.

St. Patrick may have driven the snakes out of Ireland, but it took a Dublin-based creative agency to drive out the abuse of his name on holiday celebrating his feat.

The folks at In the Company of Huskies were driven to distraction, apparently along with the entire population of Ireland, by those who call March 17 “St. Patty’s Day” rather than “St. Paddy’s Day.”

So they created a “No More Patty” Google Chrome extension that “automatically replaces every online mention of the ‘very wrong’ Patty with the ‘absolutely right’ Paddy,” the Irish Independent reports.

The agency tweeted, “Banish the dreaded ‘Patty,’ like the big man did with those pesky snakes, using our Chrome extension!”

A mention of the stunt garnered only a few retweets on the Huskies Agency’s Twitter account.

The stunt scored big, however, with the help of the article in the Irish Independent, which the paper pushed with a tweet that had gained nearly 700 shares even before most of St. Patrick’s Day-loving America had started the business day. As the Independent explained:

St. Patrick’s Day is fine, and St. Paddy’s Day is an acceptable name at a push, but it’s not wise to call it St. Patty’s Day, unless you want to anger 4.5 million Irish people.

The reason behind the ire is that the name is simply wrong-“Paddy,” as a shortened form of “Patrick,” comes from the Irish name “Padraig,” and is an acceptable nickname for any Patricks in your life.

Elsewhere in St. Patrick’s Day commemorations, organizations found various ways to plead for social media love. Many communicators and PR pros were content to tweet a shamrock or a funny little guy with a red beard and green hat. A whiskey manufacturer offered a trip to Dublin.

The NHL noted that the New Jersey Devils were adding green to their playing garb, making the gear not only holiday-themed, but, er, new jerseys. (Never mind.)

McDonald’s, fresh off a hacking of its (separate) corporate account, sought to mollify sugar lovers with a promotion of its Shamrock shake.

In fact, plenty of green could be seen washing throughout Twitter Friday. Still, there was ample evidence that many had yet to absorb the social gaffe of referring to the holiday as if it were a hamburger.

All the more reason to download the Huskies’ extension.


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