Focused on Employees: Engagement, Communication and Recognition Virtual Summit on Demand




The state of employee communications

Shel Holtz has designed a new model to identify employee communication functions that are relevant and meaningful, created in response to what many see as a decline in employee communications as a management function and an erosion in the standards of effective internal communication. In this session Holtz will explore the state of employee communications today and introduce the model, which focuses on connecting organizational culture, employee engagement, the customer experience and the employee experience.

You'll learn:

  • Why CEOs are eliminating the employee communications function, folding it into marketing or PR
  • The consequences businesses face today because of ineffective internal communication
  • Why communicators shouldn't limit themselves to internal content marketing and must become counselors to other departments (and more)
  • Why your company needs more than just an intranet
  • The need for standards around what and how organizations communicate with employees
  • Where content produced by an employee communication department fits with other activities the department must undertake
Holtz Communication + Technology
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Planning and executing a successful global communications campaign

Communicating effectively with employees during an acquisition is crucial, but it can be challenging when you're working for a public organization trying to engage a diverse, global employee base while ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned. Learn best practices for planning and executing a successful global post-merger communications campaign from Ball Corporation's communications team, which welcomed 7,000 new employees in 33 countries speaking more than 18 different languages.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Leader engagement: How to teach leaders to deliver the messages employees need to hear
  • Onboarding employees: Ensure that new employees not only feel welcome but also understand the organization's business, vision, history, culture and expectations
  • Maximizing external communications: Use social media, digital communications and media relations to reach employees who don't yet have access to internal communications channels
Director of corporate communications
Ball Corporation
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Corporate communications manager
Ball Corporation
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Corporate communications manager
Ball Corporation
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Bringing new life to employee communications through social recognition

Keeping physicians, leaders and employees connected to each other and engaged with the organization can be challenging in today's changing health care environment. However, social recognition platforms are showing promise at filling the communication gaps, especially when it comes to interactive, real-time recognition—a key driver of employee engagement. Learn how social networking technology helps give employees the ability to collaborate and engage dynamically in a manner that improves communication and enhances the organization's culture.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Foster better communication among leaders, physicians and employees
  • Build an internal strategy that reinforces the brand in a fun, motivational way
  • Organically boost recognition language in peer and leader communication
  • Inspire performance and drive value-adding activities that enhance the patient experience
  • Take advantage of social networking technology inside organizations
Internal Communications Director
MedStar Health
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