Strong writing is more important than ever

Reinforce your writing skills without leaving your desk during PR University’s next virtual summit.

It’s easy to fall for the myth that good writing doesn’t matter in a time marked by tweets and selfies.

But in the PR world your words matter more than ever—for these reasons:

1. You have less time and space available. When you must get your message across in a 10-second soundbite or a 140-character tweet, every word counts.

2. Mistakes will cost you. If your copy is dull or riddled with errors, journalists will go elsewhere for the story.

3. Your audience is distracted. Your writing must be compelling enough to compete with constant media noise.

Are you worried your skills have grown rusty over the years? You can polish them during the Powerful PR Writing Virtual Summit on May 19 from noon to 3:30 p.m. Central time. Join PR experts from your desk as they show you how to craft compelling, error-free copy that enthralls audiences.

Is your calendar already filling up that day? Don’t worry—you’ll receive a free on-demand recording of the event so you can watch each session at your convenience.

You can also boost your PR prowess today by downloading these free tools from presenter Michael Smart, Principal of MichaelSMARTPR.

Download this free guide to writing subject lines that get your emails opened from presenter Michael Smart.

Register today, and ensure you have the writing skills required of a modern PR pro.

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