Study: Facebook Timeline increases engagement by 13 percent

A new study shows Timeline increases fan engagement more than the previous Facebook layout. Do you agree?

In the past, engagement was very hard to measure because media—television, radio or print—was a one-way conversation.

Today, you can instantly see if the content you publish or marketing message you promote is working. You can see people liking, sharing or commenting on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Facebook first made engagement easy to spot with the ubiquitous “like.” Likes are the first indication of your brand’s resonance with a fan.

After that, the relationship becomes deeper as fans share content with friends and leave comments. The time and effort the fan displays indicates the budding relationship.

Facebook recently changed the way brands interact with their fans online by revamping the user interface for Facebook—Timeline.

Does Timeline increase engagement?

When Facebook announced Timeline, the screaming of users and brands was deafening. They had to rebuild their Facebook marketing strategies and learn to navigate the new user interface.

Generally, no one likes change.

A new study by Sotrender—an online tool for Facebook analysis, reporting and optimization—provides some interesting clues as to whether Timeline works well for brands.

Which metrics haven’t changed

After analyzing 130 of the biggest U.K. company profiles and almost 5,000 posts, the study revealed that the following metrics didn’t change:

  • Page posts per day
  • Content-type distribution
  • Percent of engaged users per fan page
  • Average number of likes, comments and posts per active user
  • Average response (likes and comments) per post
  • Cross-page engagement (percent of page’s engaged fans also engaged on other pages)

The study discovered that two things changed significantly:

1. Posts live longer on Timeline.

Before Timeline, the average time required for posts to gather half its total comments was 55 minutes. Now, it takes two hours and 30 minutes.

Also, 80 percent of all comments are posted in eight hours and 30 minutes, two hours more than before Timeline.

Takeaway: If a company posts too often, the new posts may cannibalize users’ engagement of the previous ones. 2. There’s more engagement on Timeline.

The other noticeable change is Timeline increased growth in post engagement by 13 percent.

Prior to Timeline, the average post stimulated the activity of 158 fans. Now, the average post engages 179 fans.

Takeaway: Continue to provide regular multimedia updates to your Facebook page. It increases engagement.

Have you discovered whether Timeline increases engagement on your Facebook page? Have you changed how often you update your Facebook page?

Jeff Bullas is a digital media coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. He blogs at, where a version of this article originally ran. (Image via)

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