Study: Grammar geeks ‘aren’t as nice’ as regular folks

Don’t you just hate grammar bullies who keep kicking syntax in your face? Good news: You’re a kinder human being, Mashable reports. Now go tell them they’re a bunch of @#^%&* jerks.

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Somehow you knew it all along, those of you who hate being hounded by grammar snobs.

You’re just a better class of human being. Now a study proves it.

The study reveals that “people obsessed with grammar aren’t as nice as everybody else,” Mashable reports.

A New York University linguistics professor tells Mashable that those with “a more fastidious personality type would be inclined to have a more judgmental view of deviance from perceived linguistic norms.”

In other words, if you are annoyed by grocers offering a discount on banana’s, you probably trample the neighbor’s flowerbeds for fun and kick your pet skunk when you have a bad day at work.

Naturally, Twitter worked itself into conniptions at the news. (When doesn’t it?) For those who can’t tell the difference between its and it’s, the day afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their greater decency to those tetchy grammar snobs.

@Gotham3 maybe its a question and you’re just an uptight grammar nazi idiot or a worthless little shit

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