Study: Millennials crave visuals

More than 60 percent of younger workers say they process information faster when it’s presented in images, videos and that ilk. Are you giving the people what they want?

Millennials love visuals

If comprehension and retention are a battle, visuals might be the most potent weapon in your communications arsenal.

TechSmith surveyed 4,500 office workers and confirmed that younger workers, especially, prefer more visual forms of communication. It’s about much more than preference, however.

According to the research:

  • Millennials are twice as likely to want to use more visual communication methods at work compared with Baby Boomers.
  • More than 60 percent of millennials say they understand information faster when it’s communicated visually, versus just 7 percent who don’t.
  • Fifty-eight say they remember information for longer if it has been communicated visually, as opposed to just under 8 percent who don’t.
  • More than 54 percent say they remember more from visual content than from text alone, versus 9 percent who say they don’t.

Does your current cache of communications cut the millennial mustard? If your pieces largely feature hefty chunks of text, probably not. Of TechSmith’s respondents, 44 percent said their company’s communications are “outdated.”

Of course, there’s still a need for artful writing, but savvy communicators would do well to weave their words into more GIFs, video, photos, infographics, screenshots and the like. This strategic shift just might boost your organization’s productivity. According to TechSmith:

Sixty-seven percent of employees are better at completing tasks when information includes text with images (screenshots) or video than by communications featuring text alone.

If you’re intimidated by or sour at the notion of having to add something new to your skillset, take heart. With resources such as Canva, imgflip and that smartphone in your pocket, there’s no excuse not to incorporate more visual flair into your work.

For further inspiration, read TechSmith’s full report here.

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