Study: Only half of marketers test email subject lines

Marketing pros have room for improvement, including with A/B testing and personalization, when it comes to sending promotional correspondence online.

Email marketers, there’s room for improvement.

A recent study from email marketing company GetResponse compiled data of 700 million marketing emails from more than 1,800 marketers. The results suggest that email marketers aren’t taking advantage of all the tools available to them.

For instance, the “State of Email Marketing By Industry” reports that around a third of marketers don’t optimize their email marketing efforts. When it comes to the subject line of an email—often the deciding factor in whether someone will open it—only half A/B test their subject lines.

Even though current marketing tools enable users to personalize their email marketing efforts, 42 percent of users send the exact same marketing messaging to their entire list.

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Only four percent use email marketing that “combines demographics with lifecycle position, activity level and lead scoring.”

The most common formats for email messages are standard newsletters and simple auto responders, and most (66 percent) are using one or two basic templates that are optimized for mobile.

The study also revealed that 28 percent of marketers don’t take the time to test their emails for deliverability before sending.

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