StumbleUpon drives more traffic than Facebook and Twitter

How the hottest bookmarking site is stirring up trouble for popular social media platforms.

Who would have thought “stumbling” was a good thing?

It’s no secret that Facebook and Twitter are hugely important in the world of corporate communication. But are they the most effective when it comes to driving users to your website?

According to this infographic from PR Newswire, not by a long shot.

Social bookmarking site StumbleUpon (or “Stumble”) drives more traffic than any other social platform. Between August and September 2011, 50.34 percent of website referrals came from StumbleUpon. Facebook contributed 37.4 percent, followed by Reddit (4.26 percent) and Twitter (3.23 percent).

But that’s not all. The “half life” of links shared on Stumble is 400 hours, leaving Facebook (3.2 hours) and Twitter (2.8) in the dust. Half life is defined as “The point in time when a link has garnered half of the engagement it will ever get.”

So what does this mean? Don’t abandon your Facebook and Twitter just yet, but if you’re not “stumbling” to create an account, you might get left behind.

Check out the full infographic here:

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