Survey: Gender pay gap alive and well in PR and marketing

PayScale survey finds that women are underrepresented in top jobs and paid less across the board.

The gender pay gap has been a major topic of American political discourse for the last 10 years, and marketing and PR aren’t immune to its effects despite a heightened national awareness.

Recent research from reveals that women hold nearly 70 percent of marketing jobs. However, results from the nearly 30,000 people PayScale surveyed reveals that women are vastly underrepresented in top marketing positions, holding only 40 percent of the jobs that pay more than $150,000 per year. PayScale reps point to an “opportunity gap” that sees men promoted at a faster pace.

Based on salary alone, women in marketing, PR and advertising earn 96 cents for every dollar than men in the profession earn. Although that’s better than the average across all jobs in the PayScale survey (which found that women earn 85 cents for every dollar a male earns), it’s still concerning.

And finally, men in the later stages of their careers are more likely—41 percent more likely, in fact—to hold management roles than women in later stages of their careers.

The following chart shows some of the gender-based pay disparity in our profession:

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