Take the PR Daily Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey

It’s our first-ever survey on the most important aspects of your job: pay and happiness. It won’t take long to complete—and you’ll get a free report in return.

Do you ever wonder what the person sitting next to you earns?

Are you curious about the salary of someone with your job title working in New York or California?

Have you considered the job satisfaction of the folks working in other PR and marketing departments—do they get as much (or as little) paid time off as you?

PR Daily wants to find the answers to those questions, but we need your help.

Take part in our first-ever Ragan’s PR Daily Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey. It will require only about five minutes of your time.

In return for completing the survey, you will receive a free white paper after we crunch the data, providing answers to your questions on what others like you are earning and whether they’re happy at their jobs.

You will also receive a complimentary report on social media staffing as soon as you’re done taking the survey.

Click here to take the PR Daily Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey.

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