Terms that deserve the heave-ho in 2017

Lake Superior State University’s 42nd annual list of banished words includes, ironically, ‘listicle.’ Venture within, linguists, to ‘get your dandruff up.’

We all have our verbal bêtes noires.

The good folks at Lake Superior State University compile an annual list of theirs, and this year’s edition focuses on linguistic lemons from the worlds of business and politics and beyond.

What’s your guesstimate of the number of terms they’ve banished? Might it be 831?

If so, you, sir, missed the mark—bigly.

In this post-truth era, a town hall meeting is not actually a town hall meeting, yet we still call it one. Consider it a historic disruption—and hardly on fleek.

Cringing yet? If you’re nodding—or twitching—check out the full barrage of banished babble. No, it’s not a listicle; the LSSU solons would never allow that.

Care to call out clunky coinages to the collection? Please contribute your own carping in the comments.


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