Test your jargon skills! Play buzzword matchup

Here’s a vocabulary quiz that offers what these ubiquitous terms really should mean.

Attention, communicators!

It’s time for the 21st-century buzzword test. Don’t worry if you haven’t studied. You know these popular, often meaningless words and phrases because you hear them, and perhaps use them, on an all-too-frequent basis.

We’re results-oriented, so here’s the buzz on this vocabulary test—it’s user-friendly and easy. We provide 21 world-class buzzwords. You use your brainpower to match them to 21 somewhat-unique clues.

Have fun, and feel free to cheat by getting your answers from colleagues. If you are a thought-leader or tend to overtly engage in workplace camaraderie, you can even supply answers in the comment box below. But to be politically correct, please don’t refer to these mainstreamed practices as “cheating.” Instead, we’d like to think of these underutilized methods of data-sharing as collaborative efforts or team-building exercises.

Pencil (or stylus) up! Begin!

1. Ize

2. Buzz

3. Cloud

4. Global

5. Green

6. Unique

7. Devolve

8. Half-twit

9. Turnkey

10. Win-Win

11. Dashboard

12. Paradigm

13. Strategic

14. Utilize

15. Go Viral

16. FourSquare

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