The 20 weirdest workplace holiday gifts

Holiday gift shopping isn’t always easy, but some people have a harder time than others. A few tips: Don’t bring expired food, live animals or DIY projects to the office gift swap.

One of the best parts of holidays is finding the perfect gift for each person on your list.

Seeing the look on their faces as they open a present they’ve been hoping for—or didn’t even know they wanted—is priceless.

Though finding that perfect gift can be difficult, I would argue that locating the ideal gift for an office party or secret Santa exchange is significantly harder. For one thing, there is typically a price limit. Additionally, the gift must please someone you probably don’t know well, and, if it’s a white elephant gift, it has to be funny.

Working within these parameters isn’t easy, but some people have a harder time than others, a poll by CooperKatz, a New York-based PR and communications agency, reveals. The poll asked participants to share the weirdest holiday gifts they’ve received.

Here are the top 20:

  1. Book about using playing cards to predict the future
  2. Broken ornament
  3. Expired canned food
  4. Farting Santa
  5. Handmade quilted chicken
  6. Lampshade made of egg cartons
  7. Live fish
  8. Live lizard
  9. Lump of coal
  10. Meat injector
  11. Miniature bottle of $0.99 vanilla body spray
  12. Music CD of a co-worker
  13. Old backpack stuffed with old shoes
  14. Foot-long pencil
  15. Pet picture frame (for someone with no pets)
  16. Piece of cake that was already being eaten at the party
  17. Pocket knife from a boss
  18. Rain stick
  19. Shoe box with a pingpong ball inside
  20. White elephant, literally

What’s the strangest gift you’ve seen at an office gift swap? Pleas share in the comments!

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