The 5 golden rules of internal comms

To create more authentic touchpoints with your colleagues, put yourself in their shoes, show gratitude and ask plenty of questions.

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Internal communications is a lot like dating.

Trust, transparency and consistent open lines of communication are key to a long, fruitful relationship. Unfortunately, many companies—both small and large—skip the courting process when communicating with employees.

Just like in dating, neglect over time breeds apathy and resentment. It’s essential to create meaningful, authentic touchpoints with your colleagues to build trust and preserve goodwill.

Internal communications has a direct impact on your company’s culture, morale and bottom line. Your workers can be your best ambassador—or your loudest detractors.

These golden rules for winning the hearts and minds of internal stakeholders will help you create and maintain genuine connections in the workplace.

Rule 1: Reverse roles.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Communication preferences vary by demographic, region, role and a litany of other factors. An email won’t help someone who’s on the shop floor all day, and a printed flyer might not appeal to someone glued to a screen.

Understanding how people prefer to receive information is the first step toward crafting a relevant message.

Rule 2: Show appreciation.

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