The 5-step cure for boring body language

The author debunks some common misconceptions about gesturing and offers keys to finding a balance between stiffness and wild histrionics.

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Could your body language be more expressive? Do you inhibit your natural body language when you’re public speaking because of self-consciousness?

Maybe you’ve been told (by a well-meaning but misguided person) that you wave your arms around too much? As a result you have shut down your natural gestures and have become stiff and boring.

The secret to curing boring body language in public speaking is to replicate the state you’re in when you’re in an animated, one-on-one conversation. When you’re in that state your gestures unconsciously complement what you’re saying and give your message energy and persuasive power. You’ll look and feel more confident. There’s even evidence that natural gesturing makes you more fluent.

Here’s what to do to develop natural, expressive body language when you’re speaking:

1. Empty your hands

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