The one thing I would change about Facebook is …

If you had Mark Zuckerberg’s ear, what changes would you recommend?

Facebook has gone through many changes since its birth in 2004.

Remember the days before Timeline? How about when all status updates started with “(Your name) is …”?

Facebook has grown up and worked out a few of its kinks, but we all have something we’d like to change about the network.

If you could change one thing, what would it be? Facebook fans told us Facebook should:

  • Go back to the days before paid services and EdgeRank. (Gabrielle Rousseau)
  • Roll out enhancements in a way that doesn’t require users to check their privacy settings each time to see if the changes impacted them. (Elizabeth Lupfer)
  • Add a share button to its mobile application. (Wendy Johnson)
  • Not allow someone to see comments one of their friends posted to someone else’s page if he or she isn’t friends with that person as well. (Christina Miller)
  • Add a “recommend” button to status updates. That way, if you read something sad in the news, you can recommend people read it without having to “like” it. (Katy Manning)
  • Not post everything I “like” to my wall. (Ivy Pittman)
  • Add a “dislike” button. (Jen DeSalvo)

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