The only employee engagement questionnaire you’ll ever need

This 10-question survey asks simple, straightforward questions so you can more quickly—and precisely—determine how engaged your workforce is.

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This is my new 10-question employee engagement/satisfaction/climate survey.

This is “The Chalfont Project 10 Questions.” The Gallup survey has 12 questions, but mine is shorter and better. It’s a company MRI. (My original proprietary employee engagement survey had one question—No. 1 in the list below.)

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These are the 10 questions:

  1. Why are you still here?
  2. What would make you leave?
  3. Where would you be if you weren’t here? (What company would you really like to work for?)
  4. If you were CEO, what would you fix tomorrow?
  5. What newspaper headline would you like to see about your company?
  6. How long do you think you’ll stay here?
  7. Can you name the company’s top leaders? (Don’t Google it.)
  8. Are your colleagues human or robots?
  9. Do you like Mondays? How difficult is to get out of bed to come to work?
  10. Which question haven’t we asked, but you wish we would? What would your answer be?

A thorough and serious interpretation of the answers, as well as a critical dialog about them, will give you more insight than many multi-question, multi-angle employee engagement/happiness questionnaires. I use this questionnaire in my organizational consulting practice.

Do you have any other questions? There can only be 10, so tell me which question above you would replace.

Leandro Herrero is CEO of The Chalfont Project and managing partner at Viral Change Global L.L.P. A version of this article originally appeared on

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