The original Thanksgiving vs. this year’s Turkey Day

Gobble up these facts showing how much the holiday has evolved.

For many of us, our understanding of Thanksgiving stops in third grade—pilgrims and Indians sitting down to a lovely feast replete with turkey, stuffing, and sundry gourds. And that’s OK. Thanksgiving, like many holidays, has become commercialized (some might argue overly so) and an excuse for families that don’t normally hang out to have an awkward meal together. But the History Channel is here to remind us what it’s all really about: the food. This year, they’re comparing the Thanksgiving that (allegedly) happened in 1621 to the behemoth we have today. And let me just say, I think it’s time we bring back lobster to the Thanksgiving table. History Channel partnered with Column Five to create this infographic that visualizes how much the holiday has evolved over the years.

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