The PR pro’s holiday gift guide

If you had god-like powers, what perfect holiday gifts would you give family, friends, clients and colleagues? Here are some fantasy (and some real) answers.

It’s the holiday season, and you’re likely doing holiday shopping. You’re looking for the ideal gift for family, friends, and of course—your co-workers.

Searching for ideas? Well, look no further. Here is a handy gift guide for the PR professional and all your friends:

Your favorite client or spokesperson: A story of their dreams

For your favorite, most deserving client, what could be better than a feature story about the client that’s both accurate and amazing—in a top outlet? A story that reaches the target audience and hits it out of the ballpark with page views and on social? A dream come true. The best gift ever for your favorite client.

(Note: By now you’ve figured out this is a “handy” gift guide, but maybe not so much a realistic one. Read on…)

All your other clients: A party box

Nothing says appreciation like a custom party box for clients with whom you’ve worked daily for the past 12 months. Celebrate your achievements. Get ready for an even better year.

Co-workers who had a stellar year: A bottle of liquor

The teams who executed media tours without a hitch, drove social engagement through the roof, launched influential campaigns, and proved their ROI–they need a night out (or two) to reflect on how much they accomplished and the way in which they obliterated all the records for boosting their company or client’s bottom line. Your gift will be the party catalyst!

Co-workers who had a not-so-stellar year: A bottle of liquor

It’s worth celebrating hard work and showing appreciation across the board, but also worth taking an opportunity to identify what and how you can improve. The start of a new year is a good time to rejigger, reconfigure, and deal with challenges differently.

Your boss: Just to pay it forward

A boss not only helps you develop your skills, but also teaches you valuable ways to manage–your workload, your teams, and your (future) reports. Just pay it forward and they’ll feel appreciated.

Your favorite publication: Another fact checker, a few more writers and ways to generate new revenue

It was hard to miss the acceleration of the changing newsroom this year. There’s probably nothing more you want to give your favorite outlet than more reporters and a bigger budget.

Your favorite reporter: A once-in-a-lifetime scoop

Much like the gift to your favorite client, your favorite reporter deserves something special–what could be better than a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive? When media relations is a two-way street, it benefits everyone. A scoop, however, is an ultimate gift, so give selectively!

Your parents: A PR explainer

Next to politics, explaining what you do at work is the second-most challenging dinner-table conversation. We would all appreciate a brief ‘splainer about PR, so your family stops asking. Until it’s developed, we hope this does the trick.

Your timesheet: Retirement

But really though…

The industry: A reliable measurement tool

One of the continuing challenges for the PR industry is being able to show actual, real value. While “trust,” “sentiment,” and “coverage” are useful measures, we hope one day we’ll point to numbers and say: “PR did that and this is exactly how much it helped your business.”

For you: Sanity, patience, a cookie, and a vacation

Treat yourself!

Julia Sahin works in financial communications at one of the largest PR firms in New York. Connect with her on Twitter. All opinions are her own and do not reflect her employer’s. A version of this article first appeared on Muck Rack, a service that enables you to find journalists to pitch, build media lists, get press alerts and create coverage reports with social media data.

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