The recipe for excellent headlines

Crafting a headline is paramount to capturing your audience’s attention and enticing them to read.

Who among all of us professional communicators doesn’t love—or at least appreciate—a good headline?

In my former life as a journalist at the Chicago Sun-Times, a colleague and I had an ongoing contest to see who could persuade the front-page editors to use our headline ideas for the day’s top news and sports stories.

Though we had a couple accepted during our respective tenures, it was a rare feat worthy of celebration. It was usually no more than a couple words, and theirs were always better.

Marketers are often tasked with writing headlines that cut through the noise and get attention—and clicks—but what makes a good headline? Consider the following:

Eight out of ten people say they’ll read a headline, but only two out of ten are likely to click through and read the article. Some have even suggested that writers should spend half the time it took to write a piece in crafting a headline.

Quick Sprout published an infographic sharing the recipe for successful headlines:

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