The secret weapon for getting your organization in the headlines

Strengthen one of your most important skills as a PR pro during this can’t-miss virtual summit.

You know your brand or product inside out, and you know it deserves widespread media coverage.

How do you get reporters and editors to feel the same way?

By learning to speak their language with using clear, concise and compelling writing that captures their attention.

Strong writing is one of your most powerful tools as a PR pro, and the experts at the PR Writing Virtual Summit on Feb. 16 want to show you how to wield that weapon wisely.

Here are just a few of their tried-and-true tips:

  • Make your audience the focus of your stories, rather than your brand.
  • Think about whether you should use paid or organic social media—and adapt copy accordingly.
  • Appeal to millennial audiences by using visual content along with words.

Take your knowledge and your enthusiasm for your organization and translate it into writing that journalists won’t be able to resist.

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