The top workplace issues that got readers talking in 2013

Do you hug your co-workers? Or, know how to prepare for a job interview? And what about those ‘real world’ lies? Those were some of the topics that grabbed our audience’s attention in 2013.

Knowing how to best prepare for a job interview, and which interview questions will make an employer want to hire you topped the list of stories related to the workplace on

Our favorite came in at No. 3—should you give hugs at the office? Discuss.

Rounding out the list was advice for young people to prepare for the “real world.” And, nearly rounding out the list is reminder of why waking up earlier will help you become more productive at work and in your life.

Take a look:

1. Infographic: What you need to know before your next job interview

2. 6 interview questions that will make any employer want to hire you

3. 11 rules for hugging at the office

4. 25 things every young professional should know by 25

5. 7 lies young people hear about the ‘real world’

6. 10 reasons to wake up earlier, and 6 tips for doing so

7. 20 pieces of advice every young professional should follow

8. 7 myths about working from home

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