The ultimate guide to LinkedIn profiles

Take advantage of opportunities through the professional social networking platform. Follow this infographic to spruce up your profile.

If you’re like me, you have a LinkedIn profile that serves as a modern replacement for the business card.

It’s decked out with your photo, experience and skills—along with a recommendation or two. You think it’s good, but then you stumble across someone whose profile is really impressive and you realize just how inadequate your LinkedIn profile is.

From a snappy headline to your custom URL, the use of keywords and strong descriptions for each of your previous jobs, a fully optimized LinkedIn profile is a thing of beauty.

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Whether you’re using it as a networking tool or to find your next job, there are certain best practices that everyone should follow to ensure that your professional face online is as impressive as possible.

Where should you start? Check out this LeisureJobs infographic for a step-by-step guide of LinkedIn best practices:

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