These communicators took video production into their own hands—and so can you

See how POPSUGAR, GoDaddy and Microsoft are creating engaging videos that don’t break the bank.

The idea of “doing it yourself” can seem intimidating—especially when your last Pinterest-sourced home improvement project ended with a trip to the emergency room.

When it comes to incorporating video into your corporate communications, though, you don’t have to shell out big bucks to a professional to avoid a catastrophe.

One-time video novices at top organizations have found the secrets to success when it comes to taking the camera in your own hands:

1. Stacey Derk at Microsoft focuses on making the most of filming locations with easy shooting techniques

2. Jordan Allen from POPSUGAR Studios developed a deep understanding of Facebook’s algorithms to get more eyes on his videos

3. Kim Clark at GoDaddy aligns communications goals with the story angles she picks for videos

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You’ll learn how to ace all aspects of video production, from holding the camera to sharing your content on social media.

Creating great videos doesn’t require a film school degree or a million-dollar budget. Join us and start tapping into this powerful medium today.

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