Top 10 tell-tale signs of a bad boss

Good managers praise publicly, criticize privately (and constructively), and do all they can to help others succeed. Then there are these oafs. Read it and wince.

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We have all experienced bad bosses.

There are the ones who bully, the ones who only care about themselves and their own career, the cowards who hide behind others, or the ones who drive you mad by trying to tell you how to do your job in minute detail.

Seeing bad bosses in action can be hilarious, but if you are bearing the brunt of a bad boss it is no laughing matter. Bad bosses induce unnecessary stress in the workplace and are a major cause of reduced productivity and performance.

We are often not fully aware why we get stressed out by our bosses; they just make us feel uncomfortable or, worse, completely burnt out. You can spot bad bosses within seconds by what they say, how they say it, and how they and their team behave.

Here are my top 10 signs of a bad boss:

1. The ego-tripper—an arrogant boss who shows off at any opportunity and is in constant need of boosting his or her ego.

2. The coward—a boss who takes on no accountability and often hides behind others.

3. The micromanager—a boss who believes he knows how others should do their jobs, who can’t trust people to just get on with their jobs, and nitpicks everything they do.

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