Trump/Pence logo replaced after online ridicule

Social media users and reporters made fun of the seemingly lewd design after its release. By the campaign’s press conference, the image had been scrapped.

It seems that presidential candidate Donald Trump could stand to take a refresher course on logos and branding.

Slate reported:

In Trump University Branding 101, by one Donald Trump and Donald Sexton, our business guru advises that while “you do not need a graphic design house to develop your logo … you do need to be sure that your logo leads to the attributes you want associated with your brand.” Sage advice, surely, and the kind of Trumpian insight we can see on full display in the new logo for his campaign with vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence, released [Friday].

The logo—which featured a T intertwined with (and seemingly penetrating) a P, quickly gained notoriety as social media users derided the design.

“In minutes, it seemed, one logo turned all of the Internet into 12-year-olds,” NPR’s Sam Sanders wrote.

Here’s a sampling of the snark:

As if in response to the above came this gem:

Political commentator and comedian Samantha Bee even reproduced the logo in a NSFW gif.

The jokes weren’t limited to Twitter, either. “Trumps new campaign logo penetrates the GOP,” Co.Design reported. Wired’s headline read, “The ins and outs of the new Trump-Pence logo” and Slate titled its piece, “A hard look at the Trump-Pence campaign’s penetrating new logo.”

By the time Trump officially named Pence as his vice presidential running mate during a press conference on Saturday, the logo had been removed.

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The image no longer appears on the Trump campaign’s website—nor on the Republican National Committee’s website. CNet reported that a fundraising email from Pence sent during Trump’s press conference also “sported a somewhat different logo from the one revealed on Friday.”

“The file name is actually “tp_newer_logo” on the site,” Co.Design reported.

Trump isn’t the only one to receive backlash over his campaign logo. When presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her campaign, many criticized her logo as appearing too “corporate.”

Though the Trump campaign has replaced the now-infamous logo, it’s remaining tight-lipped about the faux pas.

Jason Miller, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, told CNN: “We have a number of logos. The final one won’t be unveiled until the convention.”

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