Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet puzzles the internet

The occupant of the Oval Office sent the wags of the Twitterverse into a derisive feeding frenzy with his post-midnight puzzler. Who knows? It might end up being the Word of the Year.

It would garner 68 points in Scrabble—if the word existed.

Wednesday morning at 12:06 a.m. Eastern time, President Donald Trump sent what we can only assume is an epic misspelling in a tweet that has captured the internet’s imagination.

It read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

That was it. The tweet stayed up for hours until Trump finally deleted it. Before it vanished, tweets such as this came fast and furious:

Finally, the tweet was taken down, and another was posted in its place:

A conspiracy theorist could posit that this is all part of a scheme to get people interested in the upcoming Scripps National Spelling Bee, or perhaps it’s an effort to call attention to how careless we’ve become with our stubby fingers when typing.

It also comes in the wake of Google’s releasing its list of the most common words that followed the question “how to spell …” The search giant even broke it down by state, meaning that Trump was more likely to misspell ninety than whatever he was trying to spell with “covfefe.”

Here they are in list form, for those who are not map-friendly:

Alabama: pneumonia
Alaska: schedule
Arizona: tomorrow
Arkansas: Chihuahua
California: beautiful
Colorado: tomorrow
Connecticut: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Delaware: hallelujah
Washington, D.C. : ninety
Florida: receipt
Georgia: gray
Hawaii: people
Idaho: quote
Illinois: pneumonia
Indiana: hallelujah
Iowa: vacuum
Kansas: diamond
Kentucky: beautiful
Louisiana: giraffe
Maine: pneumonia
Maryland: special
Massachusetts: license
Michigan: pneumonia
Minnesota: beautiful
Mississippi: nanny
Missouri: maintenance
Montana: surprise
Nebraska: suspicious
Nevada: available
New Hampshire: difficult
New Jersey: twelve
New Mexico: bananas
New York: beautiful
North Carolina: angel
North Dakota: dilemma
Ohio: beautiful
Oklahoma: patient
Oregon: sense
Pennsylvania: sauerkraut
Rhode Island: liar
South Carolina: Chihuahua
South Dakota: college
Tennessee: chaos
Texas: maintenance
Utah: disease
Vermont: Europe
Virginia: delicious
Washington: pneumonia
West Virginia: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Wisconsin: tomorrow
Wyoming: priority

OK, readers, what’s your most egregious typo or misspelling—that made its way to the public eye? Please ‘fess up in the comments section.

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