Try these 15 tools to boost your productivity

The online helpers determine your peak efficiency times and your professional strengths, as well as helping you gauge or format your content.

We are all looking for tools to help us save time to complete that important project with a pressing deadline, make sure we can leave work on time or create an outstanding presentation.

Whether you want to convert PDFs to PowerPoint slides, find out how much time you spend time during the day working on different things or create cool social media graphics, these tools can help you be more productive.

Here are 15 tools that can help you improve your productivity:

1. PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Creating PowerPoints from scratch are tough, especially when you want to insert PDFs into the slides. With this converter, you can easily change PDFs into PowerPoint slides. Just upload the PDF, and the file will be converted online. This tool works on all computers. In case you worry about privacy, all files you upload are deleted from the tool one hour after the conversion.

2. RFP Monkey

This automation solution can help you respond faster and better to a request for proposal (RFP) or a request for information (RFI). It helps you reuse, collaborate, categorize and even search your knowledge base of information. You can rack project assignments of team members and see the progress of RFPs or RFIs.

3. Awesome Screenshot

This helps you capture screenshots for all or a part of a Web page. You can add annotations, put in comments, blur sensitive information, store and organize images by project, get feedback from your colleagues on screenshots and designs, and collaborate with friends and colleagues. You can even add it as an extension to your Chrome browser.

4. SnagIt

Similar to Awesome Screenshot, SnagIt helps you capture images with a couple of clicks. You can customize your screen captures with its markup tools. You can also create quick videos by recording your screen and then narrating and trimming them. You can get SnagIt on your Android and iOS phone with the Fuse app, so you can send photos and videos from your mobile device to your SnagIt editor.

5. Pixlr Express

This online image editor help you crop and resize images via your browser. You can apply a quick fix to the image, add creative effects and add borders.

6. Tomato Timer

This mobile-friendly tool helps segment work using the flexible Pomodoro Technique, a time management method to break down work into intervals (typically 25-minute work modules separated by five-minute breaks). These intervals are called pomodoros, the Italian word for tomatoes. After four pomodoros, it is suggested you take a 10-minute break. You can pause or reset the timer, be notified on your desktop with audio notifications, and change the alert sound and volume. If you are looking to add breaks to your workday, this tool is for you.

7. Toggl

When you click the Toggl button, a timer begins and you track the time it takes to complete various tasks. It provides reports to show you how much time you spent on different projects. You can do all this through your browser or install it on your desktop.

8. Rescue Time

This tools is similar to Toggl but with more bells and whistles. It shows you the hours of the day that are your least/most productive and your best and worst days of the week/month/year. You can install it on your computer to track what programs and websites you spend the most time on.

9. Strengths Test

This tool helps you find out your strengths. Do you know what you do best every day? Most likely, you don’t. This test identifies your preferred way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

10. Email Future

This tool helps you send yourself emails in the future. Whether it’s a reminder email that will arrive in half an hour or a message to your future self in five or 10 years, it is a great way to remind yourself of important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, when concert tickets go on sale, project due dates) or jog your memory at the grocery store. You can send yourself helpful online links, email yourself a list of goals for this year or send a reminder of where you want to be in life in five, 10 or 15 years from now.

11. Kapost’s Content Audit Tool

A content audit can be time-consuming process but important to knowing what content you have on your website(s). It is an essential part of an effective content marketing strategy. Kapost has simplified and automated the process with this free content audit tool. It crawls your website to categorize content by type, publication date, persona, author and theme.


We all love lists. Some people love to create lists of their favorite things. If you are blogger and you want to curate a list, this is the tool for you. It provides you with a list format that is interactive and engaging for your readers.

13. Readability Score

Want to know how well your content reads? This free online readability calculator grades your content on a numerical scale (0 to 100). It tells your character count, syllable count, word count, sentence count, characters per word, syllables per word and words per sentence. You can paste in the text or add the URL.

14. Canva’s Social Media Graphics

This tool helps you design cool graphics for social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. You get access with more than 100 layouts. Open Canva, choose a layout for a specific social media channel, upload your own photos or stock images, fix the images, edit text, and then save it.

15. Buffer Pablo

Similar to Canva, Pablo helps you create engaging images for social media networks. This tool does not require a sign-in, and no design experience is needed. You just type in text (it offers 130 inspirational quotes), an image as a background from your photos or from professional caliber photos at UnSplash. Then, you can share the image via Twitter or Facebook or add it to your Buffer queue.

What tools would you add to this list?

A version of this article originally appeared on Knowledge Enthusiast.

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