Twitter exec accidentally reveals potential acquisition in epic Twitter fail

The site’s chief financial officer unintentionally tweeted a message that was meant to be private. Whoops.

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Twitter is a fruitful breeding ground for epic social media fails. It can be a confusing platform to use, tweets are often dashed off from smartphones, hashtags can be hijacked and humor doesn’t always translate in 140 characters or less—all of which can lead to fiascos like these.

If you weren’t already convinced that a Twitter fail can happen to anyone, perhaps this will do the trick: On Nov. 24, Twitter’s own CFO Anthony Noto made an embarrassing blunder on the platform.

Noto appears to have mixed up Twitter’s tweet and direct messaging features, unintentionally tweeting out a public missive about a potential acquisition that he meant to send privately.

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The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before reporters took screenshots, including Fusion’s Kevin Roose.

Already, outlets have rushed to decipher the company referenced in the above tweet (Check out Re/code’s list of possibilities here).

While the incident highlights what many see as Twitter’s confusing direct messaging feature (and its hard-to-navigate user interface in general), it also serves as a warning for brands and, actually, anyone who uses the platform: If Twitter’s own CFO can mess up on Twitter, so can you.

Vigilance is a must when it comes to social media, especially since a botched tweet can live on long after it’s been deleted.

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