Using Foursquare? Here are 5 ideas to fuel your brand

Incentives drive traffic, so why not be creative with the former and accelerate the latter?

For nearly a year, I’ve done all I can to extol the virtues of Foursquare to friends and colleagues in the PR world. I even blogged for a friend once about how I use it to help in my exercise routine and my desire to become more healthy.

Although the user base is still somewhat small (around 6 million), members are passionate and the media still care what they’re doing. Brands like Starbucks, Bravo and Gap have already offered great incentives for their customers/fans.

There’s so much that brands could be doing. Here are a few ideas I’d love to see implemented:

1. Reward someone who checks in at the same time every day. For example, let’s say you have a local bagel shop; go ahead and name a breakfast sandwich after those consistent customers.

2. Reward someone who checks in at certain times of the month. If you notice that a customer checks in every third Friday of the month at your sushi place, give that person a free roll or a bowl of edamame.

3. Reward someone who checks in along with their friends. If you’re a local bar owner and more than five people show off their check-in on their phone, give them free shots.

4. Reward someone who’s a loyal customer of your chain. If you’re a retailer, and they check into multiple locations in multiple cities, give them 10 percent off their purchases for an entire month.

5. Reward someone who checks in at an awful time of day. If they’re checking in at 2 a.m. to a local Best Buy to get a hot, new game release, give them that actual game once for free.

Those are just a few of my ideas for fun Foursquare incentives that I haven’t seen yet. Leave a comment below if you have an idea or two as well.

Alan Danzis is a Senior Social Media Specialist at Ketchum PR. He counsels clients on how to properly engage consumers online regardless of the platform. You can find him on Twitter at @adanzis.

This post originally ran on PR at Sunrise.

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