Wellness trends to watch in 2023

What should we be looking for in the new year?

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With the new year rapidly approaching, it’s worth taking stock of what trends in wellness might be poised to emerge or continue on into 2023. Will we continue to see the level of remote and hybrid work we saw in 2022? Will there be an increased movement towards a four-day workweek? While there are plenty of trends that bear watching as the new year evolves, it’s worth zeroing in on a few in order to get a better sense of what lies ahead.

Work situations will continue to shift

From the outset of the pandemic in 2020, we’ve seen a major change in how we work across the board. In the new year, we should look for the continuation of the trend of remote work. Some employees will have been working from their homes for about three years starting in March, and getting that to change in order to come back to a physical office will be a difficult prospect for employers. Millions of workers across the country have settled into work situations that not only help them perform their jobs from home but more importantly, provide the flexibility to attend to personal matters in a timely fashion in their own comfort. Look for some employers seeking to bring employees back on a part-time basis, but don’t be surprised if there is employee pushback against such a move.

The importance of mental health

In another continuing trend in 2023, look for mental health to take center stage in the discussion about employee wellness. With the last two to three years providing lots of fodder for employee burnout and career changes based on it, it’s worth watching what employers do to ensure that their workers are able to perform their duties in a healthy environment. We should look for there to be more conversations about boundary setting and the value of employee mental health as well.

While there’s no telling exactly what might lie ahead in the world of workplace wellness, we should look with optimism towards 2023 and work to ensure that employees of all our organizations have a healthy, happy workplace.


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