What marketers get wrong about their customers

A whopping 76 percent of marketers think they know what their customers want. They don’t. It’s likely because only 34 have actually asked them.

We don’t always know what we want.

Take, for example, that brownie you’re thinking about right now. You might think you want it, but you know you really don’t. (I know, bad example.)

But if there’s anyone who really doesn’t know what you want, it’s marketers.

According to an infographic from Pivot and Barnickel Design, 76 percent of marketers think they know what customers want from brands on social networks, but only 34 percent have actually asked them. And they probably should, because marketers’ perceptions are pretty far from reality.

For example, marketers think 59 percent of customers want insight on buying decisions when they interact with brands online. In reality, only 37 percent do. Marketers also think only 53 percent of customers want access to deals when, really, 83 percent do.

What else do marketers get wrong?

  • They think 82 percent of people use Twitter. Only 35 percent do.
  • They think 35 percent of people use Facebook Deals. Really, 56 percent do.

But there is one thing marketers get right. Fifty-three percent think customers want to see feedback on new products. Fifty-five percent of customers do.

Want to see what else marketers get wrong? Check out the graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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