What running has to do with career goals (Hint: a lot!)

Eight months into her newfound passion, an MBA shares her thoughts on the connections between two different kinds of marathons—on the road and in your professional ascent.

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Eight months ago I started running.

I used to dislike running and never quite understood what people would see in it—until I started.

Now I can’t go a single day without squeezing in a run. I want to know all there is to know about becoming a better runner—training techniques, nutrition, equipment, the whole shebang.

As I dug deeper into the world of running, I realized that many of the tips and guidelines I was finding out there could be applied to my own career.

Let me explain.

The difference between a marathon runner and a couch potato is that one day, the runner decides to step out the door and take a walk, maybe a walk/run, and then a jog, followed by a short run, and all of a sudden a one-mile walk has turned into a three-mile run.

If you look closer, that’s what successful people have in common: hours and of hours of hard work and dedication. No silver bullet nor magic spell will do it. It must start with you. No way around it.

Here are some career tips straight from the world of running:

Wiggle those toes

When choosing your running shoes, make sure they’re a bit wider and longer than your feet. That’s because as you run your feet will swell and need some wiggle room.

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