What was the best thing you learned at your first job?

Your first foray into the professional world can be chock full of lessons. What’s the most important one you learned?

Chances are you remember your first job like it was yesterday.

You remember being nervous the first few days, getting to know your co-workers, and being excited about decorating your cubicle (maybe that’s just me).

For most of us, that first job offered some very important lessons about life and the real world—lessons that may still apply to your work today.

What was the most important thing you learned?

Did you finally master time management skills, or learn the finer points of networking?

Perhaps you realized the importance of getting to know your co-workers, or how to take direction from your boss.

We want to know the most important lessons you learned from your first years on the job. Tell us by casting a vote in the poll below, or leaving a comment.

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