10 essentials for creating an intranet that employees will love

It’s not always easy to get employees to view the meat-and-potatoes information they need on the intranet.

How, then, are innovative companies making the intranet a powerful platform more enticing while still allowing for collaboration, sharing and exchanging vital information?

Download this free tip sheet from Ragan Communications and BrightStarr, and you’ll learn:

  • Why mobility doesn’t just mean making your desktop Internet readable on handheld devices
  • Why social capabilities are one of the hottest trends in intranets among leaders such as The Hershey Company
  • Why linking to outside news can keep staffers better informed
  • Why you need a powerful people search
  • The importance of easy document management on your intranet
  • Why your information should be targeted by job, location and interests
  • The importance of translation for multinational organizations’ intranets
  • And much more

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