10 ways to get employees to open and read your email

Do you ever get the feeling employees are just plain ignoring your messaging—even when you’ve spelled it out in plain English in an email?

Boost the rate at which employees open and read your emails—and improve their comprehension. Follow the advice in “10 ways to get employees to open and read your email,” and you’ll find your messages are more widely read and understood. Your own value in your organization will also rise.

Power up your email communications with this free—and essential—tip sheet from Ragan and PoliteMail.

Download the tip sheet to learn:

  • How to ensure you’re sending emails at the right time on the right day
  • Why the “from” address makes a big difference—and how you can take advantage of that
  • How to make your subject lines count
  • How many characters should be in a subject line
  • Why line length matters
  • How to use images intelligently (they might not be showing up in your emails)
  • Why you should ditch the banners
  • The one test that dramatically improves readability
  • What it means to segment your audience—and why it matters

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