10 ways to drive employees to your intranet

Is your intranet a graveyard of unread posts? Make it easy to navigate. Improve your emails. Allow employee contributions. Curate information. Use digital signs. You’ll see the difference.

Your intranet is a crucial channel for your messaging. Yet how do you get your employees to regard it that way, not as a nuisance to be skipped on their way to their “real work”?

This free download from Ragan Communications and Simpplr offers a way forward. From designing for user experience to better using your emails, these tips will help make the garden of your intranet bloom.

Not only will you get your messages across better, but you will also improve the experience for your employees.

In this free tip sheet, you will gather ideas on how to:

  • Make your intranet as easy to navigate as a website
  • Rethink your push email tactics
  • Make newsletter templates do the work for you
  • Encourage employee contributions
  • Create subsites for individual teams and events
  • Use images with every post
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Curate and update
  • Use digital signs to drive traffic
  • Push the intranet live

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