10 ways to help your email engagement skyrocket

Tired of writing emails that your employees delete unread? Learn the days, times, number of links and other essentials to improve open rates, land your messages and inspire action.

Enough already. You sent that email with all the information your employees could possibly need.

Yet they still pester HR and their managers with questions, as if they deleted your messages unread.

There are ways not only to boost internal open rates, but to get your workers to read your emails and retain your messages.

In this free download, you’ll find out how to do so, drawing on tips from Microsoft, American Water and PoliteMail.

You will learn:

  • When to send emails for the best results
  • How to test your subject lines and find those that work best
  • The best number of words to make subject lines readable
  • Why you should monitor “ignore rates” and not just opens
  • Why your IT staff can’t ignore mobile any longer
  • How links can drag your message down
  • How to use graphics, images and other eye-catchers

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