2019 Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results

Don’t believe the naysayers. Email remains the most vital channel internally. Measurement, however, is lacking, a new survey from PoliteMail and Ragan Communications reveals.

Download this free report based on a wide-ranging poll, and compare your organization against others across multiple industries.

This report digs into communications challenges, offers guidance and opens the door for professionals looking for industry norms in measurement and mobile use.

In it, you will learn:

  • Exactly how widespread email use is—and whether reliance on this channel holds true for large organizations as well as small ones
  • Whether more or fewer communicators rate email as “highly valued” over time
  • How commonplace mobile apps are in corporate communication
  • Whether you are keeping up or lagging in terms of measuring your communications
  • What department most communicators report to
  • The biggest obstacles to measuring communications
  • What vexes those who are most dissatisfied with their measurement, and why the satisfied communicators are happy with their metrics
  • Whether you’re in the majority when it comes to having mobile-friendly email
  • What percentage of communicators see increasing employee engagement as a top goal, versus those who most favor improving the employee experience

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