2021 Intranet Buyer’s Guide

Eight steps to buying intranet software

A streamlined intranet that employees love is a priceless gift that keeps on giving.

If you have a well-organized, finely-tuned messaging hub that serves as a one-stop shop for crucial business information, your productivity, engagement and collaboration rates stand to soar. You’ll communicate more clearly, and you’ll avoid the confusion that so often plagues companies that are unwilling to invest in employee communication.

But where do you start? How should you start?

Simpplr has a new guide that can help you make the most of your intranet investment. The free guide will help you solidify your business case to execs, bring your internal stakeholders together, and evaluate the current intranet technology market. The piece will help you clarify the problems you’ll solve with a new intranet and equip you with common justifications for new tech, such as:

  • “We simply need to modernize our intranet technology.”
  • “Our workforce is distributed. Employees aren’t equally engaged. Even more so since COVID-19.”
  • “We need a single source of truth.”
  • “We’ve had a recent merger and need to create a common community.”
  • “We’re going through a digital transformation and need to enable employees.”
  • “We’re experiencing hyper growth and lack systems and processes.”
  • “The millennials are coming, and they expect better technology, more transparency and collaborative work environments.”
  • “Experience is the new brand, and the intranet affects how we attract and retain talent.”
  • “We’d like to reduce internal support tickets.”

If any of those sound familiar—or if you’d like more insights on how to find an intranet that’s right for you and your employees—download Simpplr’s “2021 Intranet Buyer’s Guide” today.

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