PoliteMail's 2023 Internal Email Communications Benchmarks

Believe it or not, email still provides the most extensive reach of any corporate communications channel. The average corporate email open rate is 68%—but is the open rate the metric that matters? Like a webpage view, it is just a measure of audience reach, and therefore amounts to little more than a vanity metric if it’s not married with additional performance data. How can organizations measure, manage and improve their corporate communications to increase readership and engagement?

In “Internal Email Communications Benchmarks 2023 Edition,” PoliteMail answers questions concerning corporate communications email success including:  

  • What is a good corporate internal email open rate?
  • How much — or little — will employees actually read?
  • Does your company send too many corporate communications emails?
  • How can comms professionals more effectively grade internal email performance?
  • Does measuring results lead to improvements?
  • … and much more.

Download this free e-book today to learn about the data stories, benchmark metrics, normalized volumes and grading engagement that continue to make email a powerful communications tool for organizations.