2024 Workplace Experience Trends & Insights Report

Employees are back in the office (mostly).

Many employees have returned to the office, at least part-time, but employers haven’t yet solved today’s top collaboration challenges in a fundamentally altered, hybrid work environment. For one, employees need a good reason to head to the office beyond surface-level incentives. Instead, what employees want from in-office experiences is to make meaningful progress in connectivity, productivity and collaboration — foundational concerns employers and communication pros are still struggling to get right.

A new report from Appspace, based on a survey of more than 900 employees, reveals how to navigate employee experience, communication and satisfaction in a hybrid world. It turns out that no matter where employees are, many of the challenges remain the same. This report highlights key research findings, including:

  • Recent changes to the workplace and how it may continue to change in the future.
  • The major upgrades employees want from in-office experiences.
  • The hybrid collaboration conundrum.
  • The reasons remote workers are feeling disconnected.
  • Why tech satisfaction is plummeting and is the biggest hurdle across all work models.
  • The ways in which AI is poised to transform the workplace.
  • … and much more

Download this free report today and discover a common theme that can help you navigate the complex landscape of workplace experience and communication trends to make informed decisions for your organization.