3 Proven Ways to Communicate with Employees During COVID-19

How to manage employee fear, uncertainty and productivity during the pandemic.

Internal communications has never mattered more than it does now in the face of the coronavirus, and in the foreseeable future.

Research shows that employees are relying heavily on their employers for COVID-19 communications.

The trouble is: How much information is too much? What type of content would employees find relevant, useful and worthwhile? How do you deliver bad news while bolstering morale?

A new guide from Staffbase and Ragan Communications offers smart, specific tactics for those eager to make the most of this crucial messaging moment. The free download provides expertise on:

  • Crafting meaningful messaging that will engage employees and ease fears
  • How leaders can and should be corresponding with employees—including a shining example from Marriott’s leadership team
  • What information, stories and communication channels you should prioritize right away

Download your free guide now to start communicating with clarity and confidence during this difficult time.

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