New from Transitions and Ragan: How Eyestrain and Light Sensitivity Are Hurting Productivity

When we work, our eyes are working hard, too. Whether we’re squinting at a screen, working in bright sunlight or laboring under humming fluorescent lights, it can all take a toll on our eyes. From headaches to blurred vision and beyond, vision problems can cause major issues for workers in nearly every industry, resulting in productivity losses.

The “Eyestrain and Light Sensitivity are Hurting Productivity” report provides insights from Transitions Optical’s survey of nearly 800 professionals of different ages and income levels to see how various vision issues affect them at work, including:  

  •    How work location impacts eyestrain.
  •   How hybrid work takes its toll.
  •  The impact of tired, strained eyes.
  • The outcomes of blurry vision and headache issues.
  • … and much more.

Download this free report today. You’ll understand how vision problems can impact workers across industries — and how vision benefit plans can help protect their vision and boost productivity.


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