5 ways to make your intranet an indispensable return-to-work resource

We’re witnessing, in real time, a profound transformation of the workplace.

Some companies have paused their efforts to call workers back into the office, while others are pressing forward with in-person attendance. Many more are taking a “wait and see” approach to see how the pandemic plays out.

Whichever path your company is pursuing—and whatever industry you’re in—it’s crucial to consider how you’ll build and maintain a healthy, thriving culture amid such ongoing uncertainty. One essential way to do so is to maximize and streamline internal messaging. Simpplr’s new guide, “5 ways to make your intranet an indispensable return-to-work resource,” can get you up to speed. You’ll learn:

  • How to create a compelling intranet that serves as a helpful homebase your employees will love
  • How other industry leaders are engaging workers right now
  • Which return-to-work tactics messaging you should prioritize
  • Ways to proactively drive employees to the intranet
  • How to craft smart, relevant FAQ
  • Why mental health, flexibility and well-being require your full attention

Simpplr’s guide will answer these questions—and provide specific guidance on how to maximize your return-to-work content and strategy. If you’re eager to stem the tide of “The Great Resignation,” this is an essential read.

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