8 prevailing trends in health care marketing

Learn how to use video, technology and content more effectively to attract new patients, improve your reputation and boost your credibility internally.

Patients aren’t just patients anymore. They’re consumers.

They choose doctors using online reviews and form brand preferences based on Facebook posts. It’s on you—the health care communicator—to make sure your organization shines in this area. Your future may depend on it.

The good news is, regardless of your budget or team size, there are some tactics you can put into place right now. This guide from Mintent, "8 prevailing trends in health care marketing" will help you get ahead of the curve. You'll learn how to:

  • Create videos with a $0 budget
  • Tell your own story instead of waiting for a journalist to tell it for you
  • Personalize content
  • Overhaul your physician pages so they include information consumers want
  • Use social media to generate leads
  • And much more

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